Grow Your Business, For Good

Recause is partnering with businesses looking to drive growth and awareness through charitable giving. If giving is important to your brand, or you want to connect with users who are passionate about causes, we'd love to work with you.

Your business will be added to city-based campaigns that feature local nonprofits working in the community. Users make donations through the campaign in exchange for a perk from your business. Perks can be discounts, free items or unique products and experiences.

Recause handles all setup, processing and donation fulfillment. You'll have full control over terms and usage, with the ability to measure and monitor, like any other promotion.

We're currently live in Los Angeles, but we'll be expanding soon. If you're interested in working with us, regardless of location, please register below.

FAQs for Businesses

How Does It Work?

Businesses are listed as part of city-based campaigns, where we feature local nonprofits organizations. There users make donations and can select a perk from a local business in exchange. For example: $10 off dinner for a $10 donation. The perk can be a deal, unique experience or anything else. It's a fun way to incentivize giving. We'll work with you to create perks that make sense for your business.

What Kinds of Businesses Do You Support?

Right now we're working with restaurants and eateries, but are open to all types of local businesses.

Why Do I Want to Do This?

While you can feel great knowing you're supporting worthy causes, Recause is a great driver for new business and growth, as well as strengthening existing relationships. Each user who comes through a perk is a new customer. If you ever give discounts or run promotions, Recause can be leveraged the same way, but with a unique and positive angle that enhances your brand.

I Already Give to Charity, Why Do I Need This?

Giving to charity is great and Recause does not conflict with other charitable giving. Recause is designed as a promotional tool that is seeded online and can be leveraged as a program to bring in new customers.

Can I Set the Terms of the Perks?

Yes! You have full control over all aspects of the perk: value, amount available, terms and more. And you can measure and monitor usage, like any other promotion.

Does This Cost Me Anything?

No! Beyond the perk offer itself, there's no cost for businesses on Recause.

Do I Get Paid By Recause?

There's no payment between your business and Recause. When users make a donation and claim a perk, they'll receive a mobile redemption code to present in-store, where they'll pay normally and redeem whatever the perk includes.

How Are Perks Redeemed?

Users will present a mobile voucher on their phone to staff. The staff member will then follow a prompt to mark the perk as redeemed.

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