About Recause

Recause is a platform that helps you to discover the good in your city and get rewarded for giving back.

Starting in Los Angeles - with other cities coming soon - we're featuring local nonprofits and local organizations working to improve the city. We'll regularly bring you profiles of groups you should get to know, along with news on specific campaigns and events.

It's our mission to help worthy organizations raise money while connecting people who want to give with businesses to support them. To that end, Recause is partnering with local restaurants and other business to offer unique 'thank you' deals and experiences ("perks") in exchange for donations.

It's a great way for local businesses to support their community and for users, it's a fun and social way to unlock donations and support organizations that matter.

* While we welcome all partnerships, Recause is not an official or contracted fundraiser for organizations we feature. Recause takes a small fee from each donation to fund operations. All other proceeds go to the selected organization, along with contact details of users who have opted in during the checkout process. Donations made through Recause are not currently tax deductible.

For Local Businesses

If you manage a business and would like to drive growth and awareness while supporting worthy causes, signup now and we'll follow up with details and next steps.

For Causes

If you're affiliated with a nonprofit or other local organization, please get in touch. We'd love to hear about specific campaigns, initiatives, events, milestones or other noteworthy updates.

If you'd like to get in touch or need help with a donation or anything else, please contact us.