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Recause is a new platform that empowers brands and individuals to drive awareness of causes and raise money for worthy organizations. We do this by hosting donation match campaigns; fundraisers designed to galvanize support and incentivize giving.

Match campaigns are fundraisers where money raised — from friends, followers, customers or employees — is matched by the host. It's a great way to highlight causes and double the impact of each donation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it's more important than ever for brands and individuals to become ambassadors for causes. If you plan on donating to a cause you support, we invite you to launch a Recause match campaign: you'll give the same amount of money, but have the potential to double your gift. Anyone is invited to launch a match campaign on Recause and raise money for their chosen cause.

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If you're from an organization or cause and are interested in using Recause to amplify sponsorships, please contact us to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions
Campaign hosts choose an amount they'd like to donate (eg. $500) and launch a campaign on to "match" up to that amount for the cause of their choice. Hosts share the campaign with their community. Recause facilitates the matches and final payments so all the host has to do is promote the campaign. Here's an example campaign
Campaigns where the host (business, individual) match each dollar donated to a cause, up to a certain amount.
Campaigns can be launched by any individual or any business with an audience. Company owners and managers can launch a campaign for employees to promote workplace giving.
You believe in a cause and want to use your position of influence to drive awareness and raise money. Take it further and incentivize giving by matching money raised. It's a great way to motivate others and associate your brand with giving. Using your influence for good speaks loudly to customers, followers and employees.
Or to put it another way: If you plan on making a donation, you're the perfect candidate to launch a Recause campaign. You'll give the same amount of money, but have the potential to double the total donation and raise awareness for the cause.
Ideally the benefiting organization will promote the campaign to their email list and social networks. As an alternative to a quiet donation, a Recause campaign is a great way for organizations to publicly announce sponsorships while leveraging the donation match to increase fundraising.
Great! We'd love to work with you and amplify existing sponsorships. Please contact us to get started.
All donations occur on Each host will create a unique profile ( that can be promoted to customers and followers. Campaigns will be accessed on these profiles. Recause will transfer user donations and matching funds to the benefiting organization.
Yes! Recause can be used internally at companies or elsewhere for a private match campaign. It's a great way to motivate employees around causes and create a culture of giving within a company.
Yes! A host can support multiple match campaigns from the same Recause profile. Launch new campaigns over time and make activism an ongoing feature.
Campaign host info will be shared with the organization, while details of individual donors will remain private. Donors will have the option to share their name and email address with the benefiting organization.
For campaign hosts, matching donations are tax deductible, as long as the campaign is supporting a 501c3 nonprofit organization. A receipt will be issued by the benefiting organization. Donations from individual donors to a campaign, however, are not tax deductible. This status may change in the future.
100% of proceeds, after standard credit card processing charges, are forwarded to the benefiting organization. We offer donors the opportunity to provide a "tip" when they donate to help fund our operational costs and future development. Launching a campaign on Recause is free.
We ask hosts to launch a campaign with a minimum match pledge of $150. If less than $150 gets donated, there's no penalty; we'll process user donations, and the lower match donation, like any other campaign.
We generally support all 501c3 nonprofits. However, when setting up your campaign, we're open to other organizations or causes, so long as they can be verified. All campaigns are reviewed by Recause in advance of going live.
Right now we're only supporting US based campaigns, but anyone around the world is welcome to donate. We'll be expanding to support international campaigns in the near future.

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